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Fuel Oil News Announces Upcoming Webinar 

Fuel Oil News will be presenting a webinar in the latter half of March. We hope you will join us as experts share their insights on The State of the Industry: Trends, Developments, Challenges. In addition there will be a Q&A session. More details about this event will be posted soon on the Fuel Oil News website, www.fueloilnews.com, and we will also be sending email announcements with details to Fuel Oil News readers.

Meanwhile, on the environmental front, the industry is continuing to engage in innovative efforts including, but not limited to, “greener,” cleaner fuel oil. Take a look at “Balancing Act” about a collaboration that aims to plant trees to counter fuel emissions. Pete Davis, co-founder and CEO of GreenPrint, calls his company’s “Zero” reduced emissions fuel program “a turnkey sustainability program.” It was established by GreenPrint in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation. GreenPrint’s goal is to enable fleet operators to minimize their carbon footprint. GreenPrint first measures a fleet’s carbon footprint, consults with the fleet owners/operators on the best emission reduction practices, and invests in certified offset projects counterbalancing the fleet’s environmental impact. Further, GreenPrint invests additional amounts in local tree planting and greenscape projects.

And, according to an AHR Expo and ASHRAE Journal survey sent to more than 1,400 HVACR manufacturers worldwide, there is growing optimism for improving economic prospects in 2017. When asked to rate prospects for business this year, 98% of survey participants indicated a positive outlook. If HVACR manufacturers see that bright an outlook, marketers too, it seems, have reason to be heartened.

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