The new Oil Vent Damper from Field Controls

Field Controls, the venting solutions company, has developed a new Oil Vent Damper that significantly reduces off cycle heat loss in oil burning appliances, resulting in less fuel consumption, a 5% to 10% savings in energy costs, and an up to 2% gain in AFUE.

Normally, when the thermostat is satisfied and the burner shuts down, the residual heat in the burner chamber escapes via the chimney. The Field Oil Vent Damper prevents this loss by effectively closing the vent during the off cycle. Field testing indicates the average homeowner can save 5% to 10% on fuel costs with a properly installed OVD.

The OVD also improves comfort by reducing or eliminating drafting through the chimney, which can cause drafty conditions in the living space.

The unit is installed between the draft control and the vent outlet and wired into the 120v primary circuit or aquastat. When there is a call for heat, the damper opens within five seconds. Redundant 10 amp switches are wired in series with the burner and will not allow the burner to start until the damper is open. Additional safety is included with a 200 degree WMO-1 blocked-vent safety switch. In the event of a blocked chimney or venter, the WMO-1 will shut the burner down and prevent operation until the vent is cleared and the switch is manually reset.

A hold-open service switch is included to lock the damper in the open position during service or maintenance. The housing and damper are made of corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel. The damper plate rotates 360 degrees for automatic self-cleaning action.

For more information on the Field Oil Vent Damper or any Field Controls product, visit or call 252.522.3031. Click here to watch the OVD demonstration from the 2008 NAOHSM Service Managers Show.

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