Taco’s Hydro Separator: Out-of-the-Box Primary-Secondary Solution

Taco’s hydraulic separator line offers one of the most effective means of accomplishing primary-secondary piping for residential and commercial hydronic systems, typically, those with multiple zones.  By creating a low pressure zone, the units enable the connected primary and secondary loops to be hydronically independent of each other.  The flow in one circuit does not create flow in another.   

Newest in the line-up is the residential-sized ‘Hydro Sep TM,” a unit with seamless copper body, an automatic air vent to discharge air within the circuits, and a drain valve for removing system sediment accumulated in the bottom of the unit. 

The Hydro-Sep can be connected to 1-inch and 1-/4-inch lines, permitting a maximum flow of 11 to 15 GPM and insuring proper flow through a boiler as it eliminates the potential for boiler flash.  Primary supply and return connections are separated from the secondary circuit to avoid pump conflict.

Maximum working pressure is 350 PSI and the unit is rated for maximum working temperatures of 240

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