Affordable New FLIR i7 Infrared Camera Offers 120×120 Resolution

(Billerica, MA) September 17, 2009 — FLIR Systems (NASDAQ: FLIR), the global leader in infrared, unveiled the all-new FLIR i7 thermal imaging infrared camera today, the first-ever thermal imaging camera designed for building-/home-inspectors and energy auditors and priced under $3,000. The new FLIR i7 couples RESNET-compliant 120×120 (14,400) pixel infrared resolution with 2% accuracy and 0.1ºC thermal sensitivity’a robust combination of capabilities to quickly detect moisture issues, missing insulation, HVAC leaks, electrical problems, thermal leaks, and numerous energy-audit-related problems.

The compact FLIR i7 reveals abnormal temperature readings with crisp images displayed on a large 2.8″ (71mm) high-resolution color LCD. The FLIR i7 leverages FLIR’s extensive user input with a fully-automatic design, intuitive menu navigation, and focus-free lens that make it easy to use even for newcomers to thermal imaging. Three measurement modes are available for extensive analysis of job sites: spot (center), area (minimum/maximum), and isotherm (above/below). Image controls include three palette options: iron, rainbow, and black & white.

Tom Scanlon, vice president, Americas Thermography at FLIR Systems, commented, ‘The FLIR i7 represents FLIR’s solid commitment to introducing powerful thermal imaging capabilities to building professionals at affordable prices. Only FLIR can offer 120×120 resolution matched with high thermal sensitivity for under $3,000. For home inspectors, building inspectors, energy audit professionals, and water damage restoration specialists, budget is no longer an excuse to go without thermal imaging’s time-saving and efficient diagnostic capabilities. Every company should have at least one.”

Up to 5,000 images can be captured and stored on the FLIR i7’s MicroSD card (included). Browsing images on the large LCD is easy using FLIR’s onboard thumbnail gallery feature. Image transfer to a PC is easy via the MicroSD card or USB connection. Unlike proprietary image formats, FLIR’s patented radiometric JPEG format permits you to analyze temperature data directly from a common image format using FLIR’s QuickReport

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