HVAC Companies Offering Payment Plans Benefit from New Web-Based Services

Technological innovations and incentives driving consumers to become energy-efficient mean HVAC companies are finding it necessary to offer payment plans to help consumers afford heating and cooling system repairs and replacements. eClientPayments.com helps companies manage the emerging accounting burdens resulting from this new need to become creditors with affordable, uncomplicated web-based services.

Economic conditions are driving consumers to seek the least expensive ways to repair existing HVAC systems vs. costly replacement. As a result, many HVAC companies are offering non-traditional payment plans for repairs.  Small down payments help get heating or cooling systems running again, with the remaining balances paid over time, are proving to increase sales. Maintenance plans requiring quarterly payments for routine service needs are also effective in generating income during tough economic times. With high credit card interest rates and lowered available credit limits, more customers are seeking payment plans from HVAC businesses for new system purchases as well.

While new payment plan options serve to assist consumers and make sales that otherwise may not occur, many businesses face issues with accounts receivable, billing and collection placing significant burdens on staff and causing a lack of cash flow.

eClientPayments is a simple, cost-effective service for setting up online recurring payment plans to help lessen collection concerns and streamline efforts to offer options for customers. The service generates a custom or generic payment plan that is emailed to customers for initiation. Once initiated, customer debit cards, credit cards, or PayPal accounts are automatically debited each month resulting in on-time payments that sustain critical cash flow by preventing the need for customers to ‘remember” to make payments.

By taking advantage of new web-based services to leverage accounting functions, HVAC companies can help consumers benefit from government rebates to offset the cost of repairs or new installations, and make their payments on time. eClientPayments presents small and midsize HVAC businesses the opportunity to harness the power of the Internet to remain competitive.

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