Anniversary of Biodiesel Milestone Celebrated

Maplewood, NJ (December 4, 2009) ‘ December 5, 2008 Norm Woolley, Jr. of Maplewood’s Woolley Fuel made state history by becoming the first to offer Biodiesel to the public. Woolley originally offered B5 Biodiesel, a 5% blend of Soy-based Biodiesel with 95% conventional diesel fuel. ‘We are pleased that in one year demand has pushed the blending system to the max. The public continues to ask for higher blends.” B30 is the maximum ratio blend the computer blending system is currently configured to dispense. Woolley plans to have the blending system fitted to allow higher percentage blends in the near future.
Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel, produced from domestic, renewable resources such as Soy beans. Biodiesel can be used in any diesel engine with little to no modification. ‘The use of Biodiesel in our jitney buses is a success; Maplewood’s commitment to lowering our carbon footprint makes the use of this type of fuel a natural step in the process,” said Maplewood Mayor Victor DeLuca. Biodiesel displaces foreign oil, improves air quality and improves diesel engine performance.
Since Woolley Fuel became the first to publicly offer the cleaner burning fuel 10 more biodiesel dispensers have opened. ‘It’s nice to be the first, but it’s also good to see that others are able to make a difference in different regions of the State.”
Due to wide public acceptance among diesel users Woolley’s demand for Biodiesel has increased sales 8% each month. ‘Running my car on Woolley’s fuel is no different than when I put regular diesel in it, except I get to feel good about filling up!”, says Bear Schmidt, Woolley Biodiesel customer. ‘After seeing many benefits from using Biodiesel in our own fleet we wanted to start with a 5% blend to be sure our optimism was not unfounded. The public’s demand for higher Biodiesel percentages confirmed our positive experiences with the fuel and that Biodiesel was the right decision to make”, says Woolley.
Woolley will soon offer Biodiesel and BioHeating Oil to his residential heating oil and commercial diesel customers. He plans to incorporate a 12,000 gallon storage tank to be used to store pure Biodiesel for blending with Diesel and Heating Oil. Woolley Fuel is a family owned business serving Essex, Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon and Union Counties in the state of New Jersey with oil heat and other energy services since 1924.
For more information about Woolley Fuel or Biodiesel, please contact Norm Woolley, Jr. at or 973-762-7400.

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