Novaflex TPU VAC Hose ‘ A Lightweight Alternative to Heavy Rubber Material Handling Hose.

Richmond Hill, Ontario ‘ Novaflex’s TPU VAC Hose is specifically designed for material handling of abrasive media under full vacuum.  The TPU VAC Hose is a lightweight, flexible alternative to cumbersome, heavy-walled PVC/rubber and offers excellent abrasion resistance.


Applications include:

Storage Tanks
Barges and Tankers
Underwater applications in aquaculture, including hatchery, pen transfer, stream release and dewatering


Many other applications have been taken into consideration during the design process, so please contact Novaflex for more info.


Hoses typically used in these applications are constructed of PVC or rubber – with their bulky, awkward properties and heavy weight, making for difficult handling in the field.


Novaflex’s TPU VAC Hose product features include; all-weather construction which is resistant to ozone and UV attack, polyurethane wall for superior internal abrasion resistance and light weight, smooth inner tube for maximum product flow, external wear strip which prevents damage from external abrasion, resistant to salt for underwater applications (including aquaculture) and most importantly, heavy-duty construction for full vacuum.


Advantages of Thermo-Plastic Urethane include; excellent abrasion resistance, light weight, outstanding low temperature performance, excellent mechanical properties, high tear strength and elasticity (similar to rubber), high transparency, as well as good oil and grease resistance.


Novaflex’s TPU VAC Hose is available in sizes ranging from 3″ to 8″, with larger sizes available upon request.  Operating temperature range from -50°F to 200°F.  Rated for full vacuum.


For more information, please contact Novaflex at: (905) 731-9411 (Canada), 1-800-225-0215 (U.S.) or, e-mail; or visit

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