Total Energy for Windows E-Mail Module

Total Energy for Windows E-Mail Module provides a convenient and easy way to send documents electronically right from Total Energy. Quickly send contracts, invoices and statements from within Total Energy; uses POP and SMTP, the Internet standard for e-mail. Save money on paper and stamps! No more stuffing envelopes with invoices or statements! To learn more about this and all Total Energy for Windows modules call Market Line at 800-284-4877 X29. What our customers are saying about Total Energy’s E-Mail Module…”Saves me a lot of money! No more buying stamps!” “It’s one of the quickest ways to send statements,” and “No more hours wasted stuffing envelopes.” Send drivers delivery tickets via e-mail or text message. Send technicians work orders via e-mail or text message.

Market Line Computers ‘ Closter, NJ ‘

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