Frost & Sullivan: Honeywell Chosen by Consumers as the Overall Best Brand of Programmable Thermostats in the United States

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. ‘ Sept. 14, 2011 ‘ On the basis of Frost & Sullivan’s independent research, 2011 U.S. Smart Appliances’A Customer Perspective on Demand-Response, Honeywell emerged as the “Overall Best Brand of Programmable Thermostats” in the United States.

In Frost & Sullivan’s survey of 1,013 U.S. homeowners, 646 owned programmable thermostats and rated various brands on several specific points. Homeowners using Honeywell programmable thermostats rate their thermostats higher than users of any other major brand. “Honeywell users appreciate the features offered by its brand ‘ 33 percent cite that having the ‘best features’ is their main reason for using Honeywell, compared to nine percent among users of other brands stating the same,” said Christina Alfaro Research Analyst with Frost & Sullivan’s Customer Research Team. “Supporting Honeywell’s overall best rating is that it rated well for other factors too, such as ease-of-use, energy efficiency, and cost savings.”

Honeywell conducts extensive ‘ and on-going ‘ customer research to ensure the products they develop are simple-to-install and are easy-to-use. For instance, their Prestige

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