(September 10, 2011) Leo Verruso has been named General Manager by Advanced

Fuel Solutions’ (AFS) president and founder, Paul Nazzaro. Leo’s responsibilities

include the leadership support of sales, marketing, operations and strategic planning.

Leo will be in a direct supporting role to all AFS clients and will share his experience

in sales & marketing strategies, profi tability enhancement opportunities and operational

effi ciency improvement tactics and best practices modeling.

AFS’s president Paul Nazzaro offered, ‘Leo brings a diversifi ed and invaluable amount

of professional talents to AFS which we anticipate will complement our long standing

commitment to provide exceptional products and personal service to all those that we

serve. For the past fi fteen years, AFS has been providing premier quality fuel treatment

products complimented by unsurpassed marketing and technical guidance. It is our intention

to rely on Leo to help broaden AFS’s reach into new markets by way of leveraging

his many years of experience in the heating oil business”.

Leo has more than twenty-fi ve years experience in the retail heating oil business, including

his most recent position as Director of Sales and Marketing with Townsend Oil & Propane.

Leo’s background includes Regional Sales Manager for HOP Energy and as HOP’s

Tele-Center Manager, eleven years with Petroleum Heat at Power proceeded by time with

Whaleco. Leo has a B.S. in Business Administration from Northeastern University.

Established in 1995, Advanced Fuel Solutions is a marketing, consulting and chemical

distribution organization. AFS serves the petroleum wholesale, fuel dealer, fl eet, and

renewable fuels marketplaces, working with its clients to develop a sustainable competitive

market advantage through brand development and benefi cial sales strategies.

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