NORA Education Center has Relocated to Virginia

The NORA Education Center is an online database that allows technicians to complete educational curriculum to enhance service in the oil heat industry. This curriculum includes classes for technicians, drivers, customer service representatives, management, insurance agents & underwriters, home inspectors, and real estate professionals. Traditionally, the NORA Education Center has been operated in Watertown, Massachusetts by New England Fuel Institute; however it has recently relocated to Alexandria, Virginia at the NORA Headquarters.

In addition to this change, the NORA store, an on-line purchasing center, is also managed in conjunction with the NORA Education Center in Virginia. The NORA store sells NORA Education coordinating products for technicians, homeowners, trainers, realtors and a variety of other audiences. The curriculum is designed to improve educational excellence in the industry. Training for the industry targets: technicians, drivers, customer service personnel, and management. Ensuring that employees are trained properly will guarantee customers achieve maximum value through cost efficient quality repairs and top notch service.

The new contact information is: 600 Cameron Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 22314, phone number 703-340-1663 fax number 703-340-1642.


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