The following is from a recent letter sent out by the Pennsylvania Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association:

Immediately after the Sunoco announcement regarding the potential sale or closure of two Southeast refineries – and the subsequent actions by Conoco – PPMCSA has been engaged in communication with federal and state officials regarding the impact of these developments on the state’s petroleum distribution industry.

The Association has made it clear that the closing of these three facilities would not just be a critical blow to the economy of the Southeast region of the Commonwealth – but would have wide ranging implications across the state.

We will be providing updated reports on the efforts by a task force of governmental, business and labor leaders working to keep the refineries in operation. Over the weekend, Sunoco announced that due to the losses experienced in the 3rd Quarter refinery operations, their facilities might actually be closed earlier than the July 2012 deadline it had set for either sale or closure. And there have been reports that a group of investors is exploring the feasibility of using one of the refinery sites as a Liquified Natural Gas export facility.

PPMCSA members are encouraged to let us know of developments regarding supply and logistics that they may experience as this story unfolds.

For more information: www.ppmcsa.org


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