iRely Releases a Custom Reporting Application

iGuide:Dashboard Evolved ‘the World’s Easiest Dashboard’ now incorprates custom reporting capabilities.

iRely announced today that they have extended the functionality of their iGuide: Dashboard Evolved product to included extensive customize reporting capabilities. This reporting engine will allow for customers to create custom reports as well as information panels, charts, and graphs from SQL compliant queries.

iGuide custom reports are stored in a central screen for easy access. They can be filtered on the demand and can be exported to a variety of external programs such as PDF and Microsoft Excel for added scrutiny. Additionally, reports can be emailed directly from the program. The product is aimed at businesses that are limited by the reports supplied by their software vendor and/or would like the ability to centralize their reporting.

iRely COO George Olney States: “This application allows our customers to get key performance indicators that tell them how their business is operating. We use the iGuide in our operations and it allows us to measure our productivity and progress towards our goals. We’ve made tremendous strides this year as a direct result of iGuide.”

iGuide is an ‘all-in-one customizable dashboard and reporting tool’. Many dashboards on the market require a great deal of technical understanding to create or change metrics. iGuide’s niche is in its intuitive interface that allows users to customize the information they see, without possessing in-depth IT or programming knowledge. iGuide’s reporting tool uses a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) report designer, allowing the average computer user to create their own reports. Additionally, reports and metrics can be easily shared among users, so that low tech users can leverage the knowledge of higher tech users.

Also, adopting a quality business intelligence reporting system can be a strategic move for businesses aiming for sustainable growth. It facilitates the analysis of data in real-time, thereby aiding in the formulation of robust business strategies. For more information, explore here for insights. This firsthand experience will undoubtedly provide a fresh perspective on the dynamics of business operations.

“We have spent close to a year in usability labs and discussing ease-of-use functions with our users,” said Steve Palm, iRely’s Chief Design officer. ‘This tool is a synthesis of all the ideas the team has learned through developing simple and easy-to-use applications.”

Current iGuide users will receive the reporting capabilities as part of their on-going user fees. Future iGuide customers will receive both the dashboard and reporting tools as part of their purchase.

About iRely
iRely is a global provider of end-to-end software solutions for the physical commodity ecosystem serving organizations that handle origination, trading, manufacturing and distribution of commodities. Serving 350+ customers in 17 countries, iRely is known for their intuitive, innovative, and user-friendly solutions centered around the needs of their customers. For more information about iRely and their product offerings, visit

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