Oil Heat Cares Helps Build Home for Returning Veterans


Veteran’s Day 2011 will long be remembered in a very special way by the Domenech Family now of Sound Beach, NY.   Staff Sergeant Omar Domenech and his family, formerly from Brooklyn, NY were chosen from among 50 applications to be the first to purchase a new affordable home built by the Long Island Builders Institute, a trade group.  This is the first of four new homes to be built by the non-profit organization Long Island Home Builders Care for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. These homes are built on donated land by the top home builders in Orange County, CA and a variety of trades work together to build homes for returning veterans so they can be purchased for about $125,000.00

Sergeant Domenech, an Army veteran, has served three deployments in the Middle East ‘ 2 in Iraq and one in Kuwait.  He was awarded the Purple Heart after sustaining shrapnel wound during a mortar attack in Iraq.  Serving as a convoy specialist there, his unit was frequently exposed to roadside bombs and gunfire.  Joining the National Guard in 2000, he barely finished his training at Fort Bliss, TX when he returned home to respond to the Ground Zero rescue efforts during the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, performing perimeter security and searching for the wounded.  He also served in rescue efforts during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

He enlisted in the Army in 2003 and identifies himself as a ‘do-gooder”.  Sergeant Domenech is married and the father of two children; one just 7 months of age.  Returning home in 2009, this hero wanted to do more for fellow veterans.  He enrolled in graduate school and finished his social work degree in May.  He now counsels vets living in 56 studio apartments at the new Jericho Project’s Fordham Village in the Bronx.

And Oil Heat Cares played an important part in the construction of the new home.  The Domenech family will be kept warm because of the good will of the Members of the Long Island Chapter who volunteered their time to install the new heating system.  These guys are exceptional, because they were called upon at the last moment but they responded positively.  Not only was the labor handled but they received many donations ‘ Meenan Oil filled the donated tank (thanks to Blackman Plumbing Supply) that was installed by Milro Industries and the team installed the donated Buderus boiler and indirect.  Beckett donated the AquaSmart Control and NX Burner and Wales-Darby donated the Taco circulators and accessories.

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To learn more about Oil Heat Cares, visit www.oilheatcares.com and if you wish to volunteer your time, send us an e-mail ‘ jgarber@thinkoesp.org or contact us from the website.


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