Angus Energy Announces the Hiring of Kris Magnusson


Angus Energy announces the hiring of Kris Magnusson. Kris brings over 20 years of experience in the retail energy

space to Angus. Growing up and working as the 4th generation of her family’s heating oil business is the foundation

for seeing energy retailers succeed in an ever-changing and challenging business environment. Most recently, Kris

worked at Hedge Solutions providing procurement, hedging, and marketing services for 4 years.

Phil Baratz, President of Angus Energy said ‘We are very lucky to be able bring Kris into the Angus Energy

family. She grew up in the oil business, worked for a trade association (Oil Heat Council of New Hampshire), an

distributor (Irving Oil), and has been a consultant to oil companies for many years. That’s a lot of experience! We

think she will help round out our already outstanding team.”

Kris Magnusson, Account Executive at Angus Energy said ‘After meeting with Phil and Mark Bloom I was

immediately excited about the products and services they offered. I did not realize that Angus Energy was doing

much more than hedging. I was completely in sync with their holistic approach to working with energy companies.

They were not just looking at the hedging and moving on. They are interested in helping dealers in all aspects of

their business including, financing, managing back and front office operations, and of course hedging.”

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