U.S. Boiler Company Launches iPad App for Series 2 IHC Boiler Control

New App available for free download at iTunes Store

The new IHC Boiler Control Simulator App from U.S. Boiler Company makes it much easier for installers to get accustomed to electronic boiler controls.

Burnham Series 2 boilers are manufactured with IHC (Intelligent Hydronic Control) modules.  The interactive App replicates the actual look, feel, and size of an IHC controller, removing nearly all of the guesswork associated with electronic boiler controls.  Changing setpoints ‘ like temperature differential or pre-purge cycles ‘ is made easier, as is troubleshooting using the electronic display information.

“Operation Demo” Mode

When using this function, the App will display how the IHC Boiler Control operates.  Users can watch the App as it cycles through a simulated boiler sequence ‘ from the call for heat to a satisfied thermostat.  If the simulation stops mid-sequence, users can use the App to help pinpoint the problem.  This can lead to a diagnosis and solution quickly and easily.

 “Using the Display” Mode

This function enables users to view settings and make adjustments on the App prior to doing so in the field. At each step, the App explains how to use the information from each of the control functions.

“Troubleshooting Examples” Mode

In this mode, the App conveys examples of some typical system error scenarios and describes possible solutions that could help correct the problem.

“It’s FREE!”

To find this FREE App, simply search ‘US Boiler” on the iTunes App Store.

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