API Calls On Candidates to Outline Their Vision for America’s Energy Future


API urged candidates at the upcoming presidential debates to outline their vision for harnessing the economic and national security opportunities created by America’s energy revolution.    “We can pursue an American future of energy abundance, self-determination and global leadership or take a step back to an era of scarcity, dependence and uncertainty,” said API President and CEO Jack Gerard during a conference call today with reporters. “We’re calling on candidates – Republican and Democrat alike – to share with voters their vision for harnessing this American energy moment.

“Make no mistake – America’s role as an energy superpower is not ensured. We’ve seen the mission creep of federal agencies on full display under this administration. Thousands of pages of new roadblocks and mandates are making their way through the regulatory pipeline. We cannot afford for our next president to be blinded to the opportunities in front of us by a stale mindset of ‘70s-era scarcity. That is why those who seek to represent us must go beyond the talking points and outline a clear vision for energy that will advance our nation’s economy, security and standard of living.


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