WEBINAR: How to Thrive in the Heating Oil Business with Bioheat Blended Fuel

Fuel Oil News and biofuel producer REG hosted a webinar on Sept. 21, “How to Thrive in the Heating Oil Business with Bioheat Blended Fuel.” The webinar explored how heating oil companies can manage and market Bioheat blended fuel—biodiesel blended with traditional heating oil. To play a recording of the webinar, click here.

One of the speakers, Ray Hart, is the founder of Hart Home Comfort, in the Long Island and New York City metropolitan area. Hart Home Comfort started as a cash-on-delivery heating oil company nearly 40 years ago before expanding into the diverse company it is today. Hart talked about how Bioheat blended fuel has helped his business continue to thrive, how he incorporated biodiesel into his fuel offerings, and customer reactions to the cleaner-burning fuel.

A second speaker, Barry Knox, director, Northeast region, REG, discussed trends in the heating oil industry, how the Northeast is supplied biodiesel and the infrastructure that is in place to get the fuel to deal­ers. He also covered the economics of Bioheat blended fuel for heating oil retailers and their customers.


Ray Hart, Hart Home Comfort


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