Engie and Clean Energy Collective to Develop Solar Energy in Northeast

Engie and Clean Energy Collective (CEC), Carbondale, Colo., a community solar developer and solutions provider, announced a plan to accelerate regional scaling of the community solar market in the Northeast U.S.

Through a development agreement, the two companies will share financial and technological resources to develop and deploy a large-scale portfolio of community solar projects across several Northeastern states that will serve residential, commercial and public entities. The new portfolio of community solar projects will be in addition to a Sept. 7, 2017, announcement that both companies worked together to complete a Massachusetts community solar portfolio consisting of 17 solar facilities.

CEC’s founder and CEO, Paul Spencer, said in an Oct. 31 statement, “We are pursuing dozens of projects in five states and this will pave the way for exciting new innovations in the rapidly-expanding community solar industry.”

The companies said that their combined venture leverages Engie’s customer base and balance sheet with CEC’s expertise in creating markets, developing projects and managing construction and operations of solar assets. CEC will leverage its Community Solar Platform, proprietary technology enabling community solar program design, integration and execution. The joint venture paves the way to scale access faster than would be possible through either company’s individual efforts, the companies said. The companies will jointly own and operate the community solar projects pursued through their development agreement.

Engie North America, based in Houston, Texas, is a retail electricity provider in the United States, serving Fortune 100 companies, and customers in New England since 2003. Its parent company is headquartered in France.

Clean Energy Collective (CEC) is a developer of community solar solutions. CEC founded a model of delivering clean power-generation through medium-scale solar PV facilities accessible to all utility customers. Since establishing its first community-owned solar array near El Jebel, Colo., in 2010, CEC says, it has built or has under development more than 175 RooflessSolar projects with 33 utility partners across 16 states, serving thousands of customers, and representing more than 400 MW of community solar capacity. CEC is also a provider of community solar software and services to the utility, development and financial industries through its Community Solar Platform.

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