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HEAT: September 15-18

A new show, Heating and Energizing America Trade Show (HEAT) makes its debut this month at the Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, R.I.

The show combines two previous long-running events, the NEFI Energy Expo and the Southern New England Energy Conference. “By consolidating the events, the show’s organizers hope to make it easier for members and vendors to meet, connect, learn and grow,” says the show’s website (www.heatshow.com).

The partnership behind the show’s creation consists of: New England Fuel Institute; Connecticut Energy Marketers Association; New York Oil Heating Association; Vermont Fuel Dealers Association; Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association; Oil Heat Institute of Rhode Island; Maine Energy Marketers Association; Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire; and Women in Energy.

“This is a collaborative effort,” notes Roberta Fagan, executive director and CEO of the Oil Heat Institute of Rhode Island. “It’s meant to reduce the number of trade shows to bring greater value to not only the attendees, but also the exhibitors and the sponsors.” NEFI, the lead organizer, “worked really, really hard to make sure that everybody realizes that this is a regional show,” adds Fagan.

NEFI Legends, a gala reception and dinner honoring industry leaders, will be held at the Graduate Providence Hotel (formerly the Biltmore Hotel) on Tuesday, Sept. 17, starting at 6 p.m.

“The heating fuel industry is at a fork in the road,” states a message on the show’s website. “One road leads to a shrinking market share. The other leads to new opportunities for the current and future generations of our family businesses… but it’s a hard road to take. To get there, we need not only sustainable products but also inside knowledge of the economic future that is already in play. “Our keynote speaker for the 2019 HEAT Show, Geoffrey G. Parker, is a man with exactly that insight. Parker will break down the concepts you need to grasp for your business to exist in the coming post-natural-gas, zero-carbon energy market.

“Before becoming a professor at the Tuck School of Business and Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College, Parker grew up in oil country, Louisiana. He is a co-author of Platform Revolution (2016) and Operations Management for Dummies (2013), whose research interests include supply chain strategy and energy market structure. More importantly, Parker is an engaging speaker who knows our industry’s language.

“Parker’s keynote will focus on the transition to renewable liquid heating fuels while touching on several topics in the works for next year’s program. Keynote attendees will come away inspired to help take their business — and our industry — to the next level.”

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