Milestone for an Oilman

Bob Landis, Jr., president of Leon C. Landis, Inc., and his father, Bob Landis, celebrated a huge milestone in September: the elder Bob’s first fuel delivery in 1959, 60 years ago.

On Labor Day weekend that year, a young Bob—just 16 years old and driving on a stamped learner’s permit–made his first fuel delivery to John and Joann Irwin at their house. While her husband has passed away, Joann remains a loyal customer today.

Bob Landis, Joann Irwin, and Bob Landis, Jr.

To thank Joann for her 60 years of customer loyalty, and to commemorate his first fuel delivery, Bob got behind the wheel again, drove to Joann’s house and topped off her tank for free. During his decades of delivery to customers—including this commemorative trip—Bob’s record has been accident-free. Unable to bring himself to fully retire, Bob will continue working in the office. 

Bob Jr. also marked the occasion by presenting his father with an “employee bonus.” 

“For over 60 years, my father helped guide our company through every type of economic climate and industry change to remain the successful business it is today,” said Bob Jr. “He’s been a mentor to his employees and has served thousands of customers. I feel proud to be able to carry on his legacy and serve our neighbors.” Leon C. Landis, Inc. ( is a 24-hour full-service plumbing, heating, air conditioning and fuel delivery company in Quarryville, Pa. Founded in 1950 by Leon C. and Martha Landis, the company passed from Leon to his son Bob, and is now owned by Bob’s son, Bob Jr. The company serves southern Lancaster, southern-eastern York and south-western Chester counties, providing sales, service and installation of plumbing, water conditioning, and all types of heating and air conditioning systems. The company also delivers heating oil, diesel and gasoline, including ethanol-free gas.— Ann Rodkey and Lauren Manelius

Ann Rodkey is the business manager for Leon C. Landis, Inc. Lauren Manelius manages social media for the company.

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