R.W. Beckett Launches BeckettLink Connected Tank Gauge

R.W. Beckett Corp., North Ridgeville, Ohio, introduced the BeckettLink Connected Tank Gauge, a system for dealers and users to continuously monitor fuel tank levels from a smart phone, tablet, or other connected device.

The system is designed to enable dealers to monitor their customers’ usage and schedule deliveries based on actual consumption rather than weather data or route planning formulas. The available Beckett “Dealer Dashboard” allows dealers to track all customers with this gauge installed and provide them with peace of mind that there will always be fuel in the tank, while maximizing delivery efficiency. The BeckettLink myTechnician app simplifies installation and allows end users to monitor and maintain each system.

The system consists of a tank gauge that uses ultrasonic measuring of the fuel level, and a wi-fi-enabled hub to transmit to the connected device and to a dealer dashboard (if used) assigned to that gauge. Alerts can be programmed for low tank level, battery life, and low indoor temperature. Accurate, timely information is becoming critical to operating an efficient and modern fuel delivery company.

Connected products can help companies excel at customer service while streamlining delivery operations. For more information, visit https://www.beckettcorp.com/beckettlink-connected-tank-gauge-system/.

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