CEMA Golf Outing: ‘Ideal Conditions’

The annual golf outing of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association drew more than 80 members who enjoyed ideal playing conditions Oct. 27 at Great River Golf Club in Milford, Connecticut, reports David Chu, the association’s vice president: “partly cloudy, around 60 degrees, dry. Best day of the week. Players enjoyed themselves, playing in such conditions, on a beautiful, scenic course, whose grounds were in great condition.”

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CEMA members at play, Great River Golf Club, Milford, Connecticut, on Oct. 27. Credit: CEMA

Chu provided a rundown of the top placers: Gault Family Companies recorded the top gross score; Trinks Brothers, top net score; Ryan Vescovi, US Ecology, longest drive, men:; Kate Childs, Tuxis Ohr’s, longest drive, women; Tim Myjak, Team ACV, closest to the pin.

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