Oil Tank Crank: For Moving Residential Tanks

The Oil Tank Crank is a self-contained tool designed to help residential oil technicians move heavy, hard-to-maneuver oil tanks. Introduced by Pat Somma, president and owner of Blue Flame Oil in New Haven, Connecticut, the Oil Tank Crank weighs 32 lbs. and its 60-inch by 15-inch dimensions make for convenient storage and access in service vehicles.

Somma, who has over 45 years of industry experience, designed the Oil Tank Crank with technicians in mind. “I knew there had to be a better way of removing dated oil tanks that would be easy, simple to use, and wouldn’t take much room out of our service vehicles,” Somma said. He got to the drawing board and had a proof of concept developed in the summer of 2021.

Pat Somma with the Oil Tank Crank.

After prototyping and field tests, Oil Tank Crank was ready for its first real-world application: a 275-gallon oil tank removal from a tight, cramped homeowner’s basement. The technician deployed the Oil Tank Crank, set up the patented rail and crank system, and simply hand-cranked the heavy, cumbersome oil tank up and out of the basement. “No knuckle scrapes,” Somma said. “No sore back.”

Somma said a number of companies are using the device and finding that it’s saving them time on job sites, and keeping employees safer. The Oil Tank Crank comes fully assembled and has a one-year limited warranty. For more information, including a supplier list, visit www.oiltankcrank.com.

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