AHR Expo 2023: Feb. 6-8

The AHR Expo (International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition) announced the full schedule for the 2023 AHR Expo Education Program. This year’s program will feature more than 200 free seminars, including a panel series, new product and technology presentations, professional certifications and continuing education courses.

The 2023 AHR Expo will be held Feb. 6 – Feb. 8 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.

Additionally, in response to the industry’s call for more training via shared knowledge and opportunities for open discussion, the program has been extended to include Wednesday sessions.

Show Manager Mark Stevens said, “The HVACR industry is changing and growing quickly and in ways that are new to us all. We’re talking about training a new workforce to replenish a wave of retirement while simultaneously taking on initiatives relating to environmental efficiency, indoor air quality, automation, cybersecurity, supply chain disruptions, new business practices, etc. – there is no shortage of necessary discussions.”

The AHR Expo aims to complement the attendee experience on the show floor with application knowledge and technology found in manufacturers’ booths. Education sessions provide an understanding of real-world application and practice in areas of niche discipline, as well as broader discussion topics relating to trends happening currently and on the horizon within the industry.


Experts from every industry sector build on this experience in the Education Program through their shared knowledge aimed at supporting professional career development, training and updated industry information.”

In 2022, AHR Expo debuted a panel series to tackle some of the industry’s larger discussions with the goal of providing open conversation among professionals across multiple job roles. This year, the panel series will return with an even more robust line-up of topics aimed to open the communication pipeline to many of HVAC’s current pain points and opportunities, as well as forecast what is coming down the line. Attendees can expect a variety of topics in sessions and are encouraged to explore the full program on the website.

In 2022, the AHR Expo launched a panel discussion among leaders representing every sector of the industry. As the first large event following the pandemic, the panel served as a recalibration of all that was happening across the industry as a result. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the benefit to the industry led to open communication throughout the remainder of the year. In 2023, Bryan Orr returns to moderate a state-of-the-industry update with leaders from ASHRAE, AHRI, HARDI, PHCC, NCI, etc. regarding the current challenges, opportunities, and forecasts for the year ahead in HVACR. Expected topics include changing regulations, the economic forecast including inflation and tariffs, the green transition, the supply chain, and more.

Join professionals leading the discussion with regard to decarbonization and HVACR’s role in preparedness, regulation and standard planning, opportunities and challenges and expectations. Representatives from engineering, government, owners and education dive into what decarbonization means and what is expected of the HVACR industry.

Communication across the supply chain: Mapping the channel and flow of information A conversation surrounding the flow of communication within the industry to better understand how shareholder audiences currently receive and understand information as well as identify the best places to source information. This discussion aims to examine the current gaps in communication flow starting with standards writing to manufacturer implementation and following the chain through equipment install and maintenance.

Wednesday’s headliner session includes an HVACR community panel of HVACR professionals. Panelists include Moderator Ben Poole, Michael Flynn, Jeff DeMassari, Chris Stevens, Rachel Sylvian, Jess Bannister, Omar Harris, Jamie Christensen, Aaron Bond and Zac DesJardins.

The 2023 show will feature more than 85 free sessions led by industry experts put forth by industry organizations. Sessions will range from one to two hours and will aim to deliver solutions to some of the industry’s most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities. Attendees are invited to attend general HVAC-related sessions, as well as those specific to professional practice areas.

“HVACR is changing and the communication flow is changing with it,” said Kimberly Pires, AHR Expo Education Program Coordinator. “In working with our associations to put forth a program that is both educational and practical for every job role, we have discovered that while the disciplines may be different, the overarching opportunities and issues ahead for the industry are the same. Our sessions aim to provide diverse perspectives from all the voices that work and serve HVACR. This kind of insight supports cooperation within the community and progress in an individual’s professional growth, proving itself immensely valuable for the advancement of the industry as a whole.” Attendees can view the full program on www.ahrexpo.com.


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