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A New Website Can Improve Your SEO

Michael Dobson, SEO Specialist at Consumer Focus Marketing shares his expertise on search engine optimization: Have you noticed that your website pages are not appearing as high up in Google search results as you would like? Maybe your website used to be featured more prominently in search, but lately, you ...

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Marci Gagnon: Offering Mobile Payment Options

The past couple of years have accelerated the need for advancements in payment technology within the Energy Industry. Tech savvy consumers are seeking modern payment methods that they trust and are familiar with and the largest request from customers is to make payments via their cell phones. Like most businesses ...

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Welcome to the No-Margin-for-Error Zone

It’s official, today’s tumultuous market conditions are beyond challenging for Fuel Dealers, as they must execute all aspects of their business with supreme precision in order to survive and thrive. The rules have changed as we’ve reached a unique crossroads with no margin for error. Utilizing technology to help run ...

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Hedging in a Volatile Market

Offering the consumer price protection from rising oil prices has been part of many an energy marketer’s offerings since the late 1980’s. I believe Wyatt Energy, a Connecticut-based wholesaler, was the first to offer the heating oil dealer the tools to hedge in the form of so-called wet barrel contracts ...

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