Warm-start versus cold-start

Feature Story Warm-start versus cold-startBy George Lanthier RECENTLY ON MY WEB SITE DISCUSSION BOARD AT www.FiredragonEnt.com, we started talking about the operating benefits or lack of them regarding a principle called ‘cold-start.’ Now although most of us know that refers to system operating temperatures, I’m going to define the term and its opposites for the sake of the newbies and ...

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More on Electricity

Feature Story by George Lanthier In a previous article we looked at an excerpt from one of our newer books WIRING & Fuel Burning Equipment, Volume One, Fundamentals. In this article we will finish our discussion of switches and look at relays from that text, which is available at our Web site at http://www.firedragonent.com/Books.htm. � Switch DifferentialDifferential is probably the ...

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