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Webinar Training

During my many years in this industry, I have spent hours both teaching and attending training programs. I have traveled to almost every New England state, and beyond, for training that I knew was necessary for me to “stay ahead of the curve,” as the saying goes.

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Nearsighted-Revisited: Cad Conundrum

I recently got involved in a debate on one of the many Facebook groups I belong too. This particular one is just for teachers apprentices and boy-oh-boy do the “greenies” have some great stories about the “old pros” and of course painting tubes and “shortcuts” came up.

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Regulation as Hand-to-Hand Combat

I have often described the process of working legislation, engaging the regulatory community for a necessary change in rule/regulation or permitting a new facility as “hand-to-hand combat.” It is often a long, drawn out, messy, unpleasant, metaphorically bloody, unpredictable and frustrating process. It is also said that the “first causality of war is the battle plan,” which is to say nothing ever goes as planned. If you have ever permitted a new bulk plant and struggled to get it done, you know of what I speak.

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Speaking Up for the Industry

By Stephen Bennett When proposed legislation could help or hurt fuel oil marketers, the industry needs to make itself heard. How does it do that? Chris Herb, for one, calls his “go-to people.” The president of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association, based in Cromwell, said, “They’re extremely engaged. They want to be involved and they are actively looking to [participate], ...

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NBB: Biodiesel Quality Exceeds Specs in Testing

Quality concerns have long been addressed with bioproducts, and the appropriate testing ensures they meet common standards with other products. That is the case with lubricants, and, of course, that is the case with fuel. Testing of fuel from more than 30 randomly selected retail stations throughout Minnesota showed biodiesel blends exceeding quality parameters set by the industry, according to ...

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Going Greener with Soy-Based Lubricants

Fuel oil marketers and dealers who already market Bioheat® blends can extend their “green” franchise by adding soy-based lubricants and cleaners to their lineup of deliverables (if they distribute lubricants), as well as using them in their own maintenance operations, manufacturers of the products and a former fleet manager said.

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PAMM President Dan Gilligan Talks Post-Midterm Washington

By Keith Reid Thee 2014 midterms came as a shocking rebuke to the Democrats, and it has been posed that it was specifi- cally more of a rebuke to the Obama Administration’s policies. We are also entering in to a new year with a new legislative make up. FON Interviewed PMAA President Dan Gilligan about the recent election and what’s ...

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