Slick Energy Launches ‘Tank Tracker’ App

Slick Energy unveiled Tank Tracker, a remote and contactless data collection application for the home energy industry.

With health and safety top-of-mind because of the coronavirus pandemic, heating oil tank inspections are a challenge, the company says. Tank Tracker is designed to enable heating oil tank inspections to be performed remotely.

 “Asking a customer to be home [within] a certain time frame and then telling them a stranger will enter their house just doesn’t work anymore,” says Slick Energy co-founder Chris Buchanan. “People definitely are very hesitant opening their ‘bubble’ up to strangers,” he says.

Using the Tank Tracker application, customers upload equipment photos as they are guided through an automated inspection process. Documentation is embedded in the app, so productivity increases, as there is no longer any “paperwork” associated with inspections, Buchanan says.

The Tank Tracker interface also works for quoting new heating and cooling systems, as well as diagnosing common repairs, without a technician setting foot in a customer’s home, Buchanan says.

Tank Tracker’s contact-free data collection is key to developing digital relationships between customers and delivery companies, Buchanan says. The collected data can be used to optimize customer service, marketing, and logistics, he says.

Monthly subscription plans are designed to be affordable and flexible, offering a range of inspections and access for multiple technicians.

Slick Energy, established in 2017, operates an online platform ( that pools heating oil orders based on geographic regions. The company uses data on the accumulated orders to broker what it describes as “highly competitive” prices with local delivery companies.

A portion of proceeds from each gallon of heating oil purchased through Slick goes directly to The Slick Degrees Foundation, says the company. The foundation supports children and education, veterans and military families, and helps provide for those in need of food and housing.

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