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Choosing a Checkout Page

When it comes to designing your website, it’s crucial to make the ordering process as simple and seamless to navigate as possible for your customers. Starting with how customers place and complete the order from the checkout page. After all, the checkout page is where customers ultimately decide to place ...

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Going All In

Shane Sweet talks with Chris Scaturro, who recently acquired a fuel company, about his decision to go “all in,” the “electrify everything” movement, and the future of heating oil and propane: It was 1994 and Chris Scaturro was 12 years old. His grandfather owned a propane and oil company in ...

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Paula Simmons: ‘Financial Wellness Is Peace of Mind’

In a perfect world, wouldn’t you love to have the ability to increase your employees’ wages in conjunction with inflation? Most employers wonder if increasing employees’ wages is actually possible in today’s work environment. But what is possible is giving employees access to helpful money management tools. When your employees ...

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Find Your Ideal Profit Level in 9 Minutes or Less

Now that the winter is behind us, dealers are reflecting on how things went financially and how to shift gears for the remainder of the year to get back on track with their annual profit targets. If you were like most full-service dealers, you experienced a mix of ups and ...

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