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Tapping the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve

Will the Biden Administration release fuel oil from the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve? As of this writing the industry, and consumers, were still waiting for the president to respond to a letter from New England senators requesting that Biden do so. The Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve (NHHOR) is ...

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Best Practices to Win Chargebacks

Disputes, also known as Chargebacks, have seen an increase within the delivered fuel space and pose a potential threat to fuel marketers this heating season. A dispute is when a customer contacts their credit card company or bank after a purchase is made requesting a refund for the goods or ...

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A New Website Can Improve Your SEO

Michael Dobson, SEO Specialist at Consumer Focus Marketing shares his expertise on search engine optimization: Have you noticed that your website pages are not appearing as high up in Google search results as you would like? Maybe your website used to be featured more prominently in search, but lately, you ...

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Marci Gagnon: Offering Mobile Payment Options

The past couple of years have accelerated the need for advancements in payment technology within the Energy Industry. Tech savvy consumers are seeking modern payment methods that they trust and are familiar with and the largest request from customers is to make payments via their cell phones. Like most businesses ...

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