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Disappearing Acts

David Copperfield is a popular magician who makes things disappear. At certain moments, when I have been surprised to hear that certain longstanding companies that I’m familiar with have disappeared, I can’t help but think of David Copperfield’s special abilities. But Copperfield seemingly makes things disappear without a trace. When ...

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Dispatch from Canada

On September 7, 2019, Hurricane Dorian completed its devastating track with a direct landfall on Nova Scotia. Michael Freill reports on the repercussions: Dorian essentially devastated the Bahamas before skirting the United States on its way for a direct landfall just east of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Fortunately, the Category 2 ...

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Marci Gagnon: The Benefits of Integrated Payments

Once a company gets to a certain size, they begin to look at software options to assist in route management and back office operations. Also likely is that the chosen software provider has its own payment option or partnerships with a variety of other entities to support payment processing, including ...

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Berkeley Bans Natural Gas

Will other cities follow? It wasn’t that many years ago that natural gas was being trumpeted as “the bridge fuel” to a cleaner energy future. Natural gas was said to be much cleaner-burning than any other fossil fuels, and replacing coal-fired electric generation with cleaner-burning natural gas was going to ...

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