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AEC Calls Electric Vehicle Mandates Wrongheaded

An executive order issued by California Gov. Gavin Newsom bans sales of new fossil-fueled vehicles by 2035. It is no surprise that this executive order emanated from California. Incentives — tax credits and rebates — failed to get the desired results, so the state turns to mandates to impose its ...

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‘Fred’ is Threatened: Competition Turns Ugly

Everyone has competition, and how the competition deals with one another, or conducts themselves “out in the open,” speaks volumes. In early November I was chatting with the gent who delivers fuel to my home in Vermont about the competitive dynamic between local fuel companies. I commented that the fuel ...

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What to Do After a ‘Carding’ Attack

In recent months utility companies, including fuel marketers, have increasingly become targets of carding attacks. In the August 2020 issue of Fuel Oil News, we explored how to identify and protect your business against this type of fraud. Below are the steps you should take if you find yourself a ...

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What’s it Worth to Save Our Industry?

The heating oil industry is in the fight of its life. We are in danger of continuing to lose market share to other energy sources while under threat of being legislated out of business. As an industry we have recognized many of our shortcomings. We know that for our descendants, ...

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