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NEFI’s New Mission

What drove the New England Fuel Institute to become the National Energy & Fuels Institute? Former NEFI CEO Shane Sweet talked with current NEFI CEO Sean Cota to find out. Here, Sweet details the twists and turns that led to the Institute’s new name and new mission. SUN TZU IS ...

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The COVID Bump

When the pandemic first wreaked havoc in the business community, no one could have predicted what it would mean for company profitability and values. Since then we have seen some bumps up and bumps down in value depending on geography and product mix. Marketers in tourist areas such as Orlando, ...

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AEC Update: Learning from Experience

The American Energy Coalition routinely and continually assesses threats to the heating oil industry and responds to identified threats through its various messaging platforms. Over the last decade or more, the biggest threats have come from natural gas utilities and their efforts to convert oil-heated homes to gas. In the ...

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A Good Read

The teacher and his student are often at odds—no less so in the oil heat industry. Reluctant to forego the need for theoretical background, the teacher is conscious of the student’s impatience to get to the “heart of the matter.” Oftentimes, the fact that oil burns becomes more important than ...

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