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What’s the Best Way to Win New Customers?

Fuel dealers may add customers through marketing or acquisition. Steve Abbate, managing director of Cetane Associates asks: Is one better than the other? On occasion we are asked if it is more cost effective to gain an account through sales and marketing or through an acquisition. Over the years we ...

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14th Annual Cargas Energy Summit Adopts ‘Hybrid’ Approach in 2022

Cargas Energy Summit returned in-person this year, bringing more than 170 energy industry professionals to the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square in Lancaster, PA. The annual event gives Cargas Energy customers and partners the opportunity to take part in educational sessions, get a glimpse of upcoming features and enhancements, and ...

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Tapping the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve

Will the Biden Administration release fuel oil from the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve? As of this writing the industry, and consumers, were still waiting for the president to respond to a letter from New England senators requesting that Biden do so. The Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve (NHHOR) is ...

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Best Practices to Win Chargebacks

Disputes, also known as Chargebacks, have seen an increase within the delivered fuel space and pose a potential threat to fuel marketers this heating season. A dispute is when a customer contacts their credit card company or bank after a purchase is made requesting a refund for the goods or ...

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