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Service/Sales Technician

By Charles Bursey Sr. Many of you will probably wonder what this article will be about, because the title really references two separate skills—or so I’m told. I’ve been told ...

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The Oil Glut Continues

It is time once again for our midseason fuel pricing report. We do two price reports each year, one right before heating season and one around this time when a ...

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shane sweet june 2015 at Ray Murray show

End-User Carbon Capture

by Shane Sweet “Carbon” is a word we hear plenty.  Back in the day when I first got into the industry, carbon dioxide as a contributing factor to climate change ...

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The Oookies!

By George Lanthier* This is from our book, Advanced Residential Oilburners, Figure 1, and addresses a problem that it seems the oil service business will have to learn to live ...

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