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Is There a Future for Hydronics?

Consolidation, new products, and improved efficiency are reshaping the hydronics segment, says Mike McDonnell. “Is There a Future for Hydronics?” was the title of a talk McDonnell gave to the Heating, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration Distributors International, a trade group of wholesaler distributors. And he talked further on the subject in a ...

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Ask him what’s the biggest, most pressing industry issue he is dealing with in his position as executive director of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association and Matt Cota answers with one word: “Survival.” And then of course, being the head of a state association, he elaborates. The specific challenge for ...

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Accepting Payments During Covid-19

As we are adjusting to business during Covid-19 the way we interact with our employees and customers has changed, writes Marci Gagnon. “Not only do we need to create new operational processes to keep employees and customers safe, we need to rethink how we accept certain types of payment,” Gagnon ...

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‘Decarbonization’ in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is pursuing a “decarbonization” plan, prioritized by Gov. Gina Raimondo. Prepared for the Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carriers and the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, a study, delivered on April 23, examines the relative “economic attractiveness” of several solutions for decarbonizing the heating sector, ...

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