Quality Companies Command Premium Values

As an advisor to companies looking to sell their business we represent all types of energy companies including those that sell propane, heating oil, diesel fuel, wood pellets, gas stations and HVAC services. We are often asked how much companies are selling for. It is a simple question but there is not a simple answer. To really narrow down a ...

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To Hedge or Not to Hedge

By Keith Reid Hedging is a time-honored risk management solution that is applied to a broad range of commodities and financial instruments. It’s main purpose is to mitigate volatility and protect margin by providing some certainty in what are uncertain markets. In the airline industry, the practice offered some carriers, such as Southwest Airlines, significant advantages in the high volatility ...

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More Cash and Higher Values

  By Steve Abbate Almost every Seller of a business wants to be paid all cash at closing and most buyers prefer to present offers where the seller gets paid over time, typically on a performance based formula. As most advisors will tell a seller, the future of the buyer is uncertain and the only way to completely secure your ...

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Hedging Today: What has Changed

Price volatility has always an issue with fuel, though starting in the mid-2000s and extending up to the last couple of years there was extraordinary volatility to go along with what had become ever-increasing prices.

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To hedge or not to hedge

We, or more specifically I, take a look at hedging in this issue of the magazine. I’ll never admit to being a true expert on such subjects—I often say that if I were I would be enjoying a cocktail on my private yacht somewhere off a tropical island instead of editing a trade magazine.

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