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The Deliverable Fuels industry — marketers of fuels for residential and commercial heating and other uses—has a long, proud history. The same goes for Fuel Oil News, which has published continuously since 1935. The mission of the magazine today is critical, as the industry is undergoing seismic changes. Fuel marketers are acquiring other fuel marketers. The composition of the fuel itself is changing, and manufacturers are responding with redesigned equipment. Fuel Oil News works hard to educate management-level readers about the whole range of issues and practical solutions to keep their businesses moving ahead. Fuel Oil News reports on oil policy issues in Washington, as well as regional and state legislation; provides essential service and operational guidance; and delivers comprehensive coverage of the products and services that impact efficiency and profitability. Fuel Oil News also stands out for its original content, provided by a roster of writers and columnists who are known and respected experts in their areas of specialization. If you provide your customers with a solution related to a deliverable fuel — heating oil, biodiesel, propane — we have you covered. Are you involved in supporting HVAC/R service and sales? Do you support the operation of bulk storage facilities? We’ll get your message in front of the decision makers. Fuel Oil News knows them. And they know Fuel Oil News!

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