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Fuel Oil News has been connecting those who work in the deliverable fuels industry with companies who supplies them goods and services for more than 80 years. Fuel Oil News magazine is published 12 times per year and is available in print and as a digital magazine. The brand also produces a monthly e-newsletter, regularly updates the website, hosts informative webinars and connects readers and advertisers in many ways. For advertising and marketing information, click on our December 2015 Reader Survey and/or Circulation Statement.


The Deliverable Fuels industry — marketers of fuels for residential and commercial heating and other uses—has a long, proud history. Fuel Oil News has been there supporting it since 1935. The mission of the magazine today is critical, as the industry is undergoing seismic changes. Fuel marketers are acquiring other fuel marketers. The composition of the fuel itself is changing, and manufacturers are responding with redesigned equipment.

Fuel Oil News works hard to educate management-level readers about the whole range of issues and practical solutions offered to keep their businesses moving ahead. In its 83rd year, Fuel Oil News is reporting on oil policy issues in Washington, as well as regional and state legislation; providing essential service and operational guidance; and delivering ample coverage of the products and services that impact efficiency and profitability. We also stand out with a range of seasoned writers and columnists who provide a wealth of original content to go with a selection of articles from outside experts.

If you provide your customers with a solution related to a deliverable fuel — heating oil, propane or some of the new alternatives — we have you covered. Are you involved in supporting HVAC/R service and sales? Do you support the operation of bulk storage facilities? We’ll get your message in front of the decision makers.

FUEL OIL NEWS IN PRINT: Subscribers – 13,126, including Print and Digital Editions.



  • Dateline News Section
  • Editor’s Column
  • Fuels Section
  • Business Operations Section
  • HVAC/Hydronics Section
  • Product Directories and Roundups
  • Plus:
    • Columns by industry experts & insiders
    • Interesting feature stories
    • Service column
    • State By State regional news

96% of the 13,126 Fuel Oil News subscribers hold upper management titles (President, VP, Owner or CEO)

86% of Fuel Oil News subscribers have the authority to buy and recommend products & services

73% have purchased a product or service as a result of seeing an ad in Fuel Oil News

On average, Fuel Oil News subscribers pass their issues along to three other industry professionals, extending an advertiser’s reach to 52,000 readers.

REACH THIS TARGET AUDIENCE: Fuel Oil News has advertising options to meet any budget.


Every issue of Fuel Oil News magazine has a companion Digital Edition replica that is emailed to thousands in the deliverable fuels market and is available indefinitely online. All advertising and promotion found in the print edition is also available in the digital replica, with ads featuring live links to advertisers’ web pages.

The sales team at Fuel Oil News, though, can make those ads come alive or offer additional, active exposure for a very affordable upcharge for existing advertisers. Our team can integrate many different options including:

  • Banner Ads
  • Slide Shows
  • Splash Pages
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Animation
  • Cover wraps
  • Peelbacks, and much more

REACH THIS TARGET AUDIENCE: Fuel Oil News has advertising options to meet any budget.


When key decision makers are searching for new products and information, they come to and the search begins. Our loyal audience visits at least twice a month for news and information. Key decision makers know they can count on as their one source of information.

We select news and information from all over the world with multiple sources so that buyers can find the information they need the most quickly and easily.


  • Category-specific articles, news and information
  • Breaking news, industry trends and emerging opportunities
  • A library of archived articles, allowing readers to search for the must-read features
  • Daily news from our staff editors and around the globe
  • A calendar of events so major industry gathering won’t be missed
  • A responsive design, making it easy to access and use on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone

Advertising Opportunities Include

  • Traditional web advertising, including banners, buttons and towers.
  • Corner peel, pop ups and other active option
  • Webinars, video and more.

REACH THIS TARGET AUDIENCE: Fuel Oil News has advertising options to meet any budget.


The monthly Fuel Oil News e-newsletter engages industry insiders by delivering the latest news, information and features directly to their mailbox. Our e-newsletter provides targeted content that truly meets the needs of our readers. We know our audience and we help them minimize the clutter by delivering exactly what they want and need on a timely basis, leading them to articles hosted on the website.

Each E-Newsletter Features

  • 6 to 10 headlines, with brief story descriptions to keep readers informed on their market.
  • An audience of more than 4,000, with high open and click-through rates.
  • Advertising opportunities, including top and bottom banners, towers and buttons.

PLUS: Custom eblasts are available, allowing you to reach this targeted audience with industry-specific information or promotion.

REACH THIS TARGET AUDIENCE: Fuel Oil News has advertising options to meet any budget.