Granite State Saves with Oil Rebates

The success of the 2021 Granite State Saves with Oil rebate program was on the program at a gathering of the Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire. This NORA-funded upgrade opportunity allows homeowners to save hundreds on the installation of a new high-efficiency oil furnace, boiler, or storage tank, Alex Burns of Consumer Focus Marketing and P3 Propane Safety told association members.

While the most prominent benefit of the program is to help homeowners save money, it also benefits the industry by helping to ensure they stick with heating oil down the line, as well as providing energy marketers with another unit to service, Burns noted.

In 2021, homeowners claimed 473 rebates, saving upwards of $125,000 and contributing to a lifetime portfolio of nearly 2,800 units replaced, Burns reported. “We project that even more rebates will be claimed in 2022,” she said.

Brent Cammett, senior vice president of P3 Propane Safety, discussed prioritizing safety compliance in propane operations. His safety update dove into how a digital compliance system can assist a propane marketer in keeping customers and employees safe, lowering liability, and streamlining safety processes. Consumer Focus Marketing integrates web design, email marketing, search engine optimization, and social media management to create digital marketing campaigns, complementing print and off-line marketing initiatives.

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