Bulking Up

A dealer with expertise in construction commits to the fuel oil business in a big way

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‘Tanks” a lot

Feature Story New technology can help improve storage-tank safety The Retractable Grounding Assembly shown installed on a storage tank. Companies from B.P. and Shell to ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips are adopting a new grounding technology for their storage and bulkplant operations known as Retractable Grounding Assembly.Recent tests conducted for the American Petroleum Institute have shown that Floating Roof Tank shunts are ...

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Tip-top tanks

FeaturesModern technology makes remote automatic tank-gauging a viable storage optionBy Bill Pierce Manual gauging operations, especially on large, remote tanks, has always been a challenge for operators. Weather factors, including snow and ice on ladders, stairways and tank tops, make the job even more difficult and dangerous, especially in snowy regions like the Northeastern United States and Canada.However, fuel oil ...

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