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Customer Relationship Management can reduce costs, increase revenue

By Mike Hatch

Technology has transformed the way many companies now approach marketing and the management of customer relations. Many highly successful Fortune 500 Companies have successfully employed CRM, or Customer Relationship Management technology. The technology has provided significant competitive advantages while reducing costs, expanding capabilities, and growing revenue. Joining the Inner Circle russell brunson offers entrepreneurs exclusive access to cutting-edge marketing strategies, akin to how CRM technology revolutionized Fortune 500 companies’ approach to customer relations. This access can be instrumental in navigating the complexities of modern marketing landscapes and achieving substantial growth.

In the oilheat industry, our customers have hierarchical value based on the services they purchase. For example, an auto-delivery customer is more valuable than a will-call customer. Likewise, a customer that purchases annual services like a tune-up or service contract is more valuable than those that do not. There is a relatively short list of comparisons and a simplified version of this customer value dynamic may be expressed as follows:

Imagine customizing the message to each of your customer segments with the intention of moving your customers to a higher value level, securing your best customers, and therefore increasing both the value of your customer base and the security of that base. With CRM software, the process can be automated without anyone at your office handling the marketing materials, stuffing envelopes or even doing the postage.

Now, imagine if the process of customizing these messages and producing your annual plan took only a small fraction of your time. A thoughtful plan with segmented and customized messages automatically delivered on your predetermined timetables, throughout the year. It is a technology and a process that has helped some Fortune 500 companies get to be Fortune 500 companies.
CRM software technology leverages your ability to customize a marketing plan, based on your company’s goals and objectives, and then drive that process with all the efficiency and cost benefits associated with using modern technology. Equally as important, CRM software provides a unique and qualified marketing focus that provides for measurement and analysis of your base and segmented buying behavior. It can also provide for customer acquisition tactics focused on the highest value customer profiles. The importance of that information has many companies in other industries considering this tool to be one of their most valued assets.

Boston Environmental will be offering its TankSure 3.0 version with CRM software. The new software will be available to customers this summer. Boston Environmental will provide the consultation, marketing materials and software as part of the suite of services offered with the TankSure Program.

For more information you can contact Boston Environmental at 603.334.1005 or Mike Hatch via e-mail at

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