Taco Announces Third Round of Price Increases


Taco, Inc. (Cranston, R.I.) has announced further price increases for both its commercial and residential product lines.

Commercial products, which include pumps and commercial-size circulators and parts, motors, valves, heat exchangers and tube bundles, tanks and air controls/separators, will increase by an average of 6.8 percent.

Residential products, which include circulators, valves, air separators, expansion tanks, radiant products and electronic controls, will increase, on average, by 6 percent.

Commercial products price increases went into effect on August 8. Residential products price increases are in effect September 1.

This is the third price increase this year to date for Taco products. Unprecedented global demand for raw materials coupled with rising energy costs affecting transportation, and even investor speculation on commodities futures, are behind the need to raise prices.  l FON


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