U.S. Energy Group Works with NYSERDA Partners to Help Property Managers Reduce Fuel Consumption

U.S. Energy Group is strengthening their relationship with NYSERDA, just as one recent study has shown the company’s USE Controller/EMS is proven to reduce fuel consumption on average by 26%. U.S. Energy Group fully supports the NYSERDA ‘Partners Program.”  NYSERDA, which stands for the New York State Energy Research Development Agency, designed the Partners Program to provide financial incentives and support building owners and property managers as they reduce energy usage and carbon emissions in efforts to meet New York State’s sustainability goals. 

While NYSERDA is supportive of energy management systems (EMS) in general, a recent study conducted by Ben Schwartz, President of Metropolitan Property Management, proves the effectiveness of the USE Controller/EMS in particular. In this recent study, Schwartz selected 22 buildings, ranging in size from 16 units to 132 units. 12 of these buildings have just the traditional heat timing device, while the remaining 10 buildings also have U.S. Energy Group’s USE Controller/EMS. Schwartz compared the number of gallons of fuel used, per unit, for both 2006 and 2007; and averaged those numbers together. All of the buildings together used 508 gallons of fuel per unit, per year, during the two year period. However, the buildings with U.S. Energy Group’s EMS used only 440 gallons of fuel, on average; while those buildings without the EMS consumed 595 gallons. Schwartz proved that his buildings running with U.S. Energy Group’s EMS saved 26.05% more fuel than those running with just the heat timing device.                                       

U.S. Energy Group works with the NYSERDA Partners’ Program, in which independent consultants and companies design programs that will reduce buildings’ overall energy use by 20% or more and obtain substantial financial incentives when the goal is achieved. The partners do an energy audit and then specify various steps the owners and managers should implement. Schwartz’s study is expected to help the NYSERDA Partners explain EMS technology to their customers and reinforce why an EMS installation should be among the first steps ‘ for immediate consumption savings, for quick return on investment, and for tracking and proving subsequent savings in black & white.  

‘We have very similar goals,” stated Jerry Pindus, CEO of U.S. Energy Group. ‘U.S. Energy Group is thrilled to be allied with NYSERDA on this important initiative.”

For more information on U.S. Energy Group, visit www.use-group.com. Demonstrations and estimates can be scheduled by contacting Tom Scali at (718) 380-1004. With 30 years in the industry, the company offers personalized customer support and provides a one-year parts & labor warranty.

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