NAOHSM Announces New Annual Award Recognizing Excellent Oilheat Technicians

The National Association of Oil Heating Service Managers (NAOHSM) annually recognizes individuals that have either excelled within the NAOHSM organization or within the oil heating industry. Starting at the 2009 annual convention in May, NAOHSM will be presenting its first ‘Oilheat Technician of the Year” award. Technicians are a very important part of the Oilheat industry and NAOHSM would like to recognize those that excel in their occupation and represent the industry well. Nominees can be men or women that work in the industry as service or installation technicians.

Each of the 30 NAOHSM Chapters will nominate their best technician. Chapters will be asked to nominate their best technician within a set of guidelines that allow points to be awarded for positive attributes. Using this system, each of the ten NAOHSM states will present their state’s highest scoring technician as a finalist. In addition, there will be one at-large nominee representing NAOHSM’s ‘National Direct” members from states other than the current NAOHSM Chapter states.

The point system will at a minimum include: proof of commitment to education; NORA Bronze, Silver or Gold certified or Licensed; recommendation by their supervisor; examples of the nominee’s enthusiasm and dedication to being an excellent Oilheat Technician (i.e. customer letters, good attendance record, years of service to the company); and instances where the technician has used their troubleshooting skills to solve service issues. Additional points will be awarded for positive outside interests such as community service or church activities. (i.e. participation in an ‘Oil Heat Cares” project or volunteer work as a Little League coach, youth group leader, etc.)

Chapter nominees should be submitted before Friday, April 10, 2009. The 11 state finalists will be interviewed by an independent panel of judges via conference call.

Each technician nominated will receive recognition by NAOHSM. All 11 state finalists will receive a prize and the winning technician and guest will receive a grand prize and an invitation to attend the Association’s annual convention and trade show to be held in Hershey, Penn., May 17-21, 2009. He or she will also have bragging rights to being the ‘2009 NAOHSM Oilheat Technician of the Year.”

For more information on this competition contact Judy Garber at 888-552-0900.

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