PACCAR Parts Introduces the ACRAFIT(R) Anti-Siphon Device to Prevent Fuel Theft

RENTON, Wash. ‘ Dec. 29, 2008’PACCAR Parts recently introduced the ACRAFIT anti-siphon device that can help heavy-duty truck operators and truck fleets from having their profits siphoned off by fuel thieves.
The ACRAFIT anti-siphon device’s unique, patented design ensures maximum security, easy installation and rapid fueling. The after-market device is installed in the neck of the fuel tank. Its one-piece construction, with openings no larger than a quarter inch, keeps thieves from reaching the diesel fuel with large-diameter siphon tubes.

The ACRAFIT anti-siphon line includes various sizes to fit all major OEM fuel tank applications and comes with a 10-year unlimited mileage warranty.

‘The ACRAFIT anti-siphon device is superior to similar products in the market because it features a robust tamper-resistant heavy metal barrier that’s a quarter of an inch thick,” said Jeff Sass, general marketing manager for PACCAR Parts, which distributes the device exclusively through Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers in the United States and Canada.
‘Earlier this year, as diesel fuel prices reached an all-time high, many truck operators and fleets saw days, even weeks worth of their hard-earned money evaporate in as little as a few hours,” Sass added. ‘Five gallons of diesel fuel can be siphoned from a fuel tank in just 90 seconds. That makes large trucks, which can carry up to 300 gallons of diesel fuel, lucrative targets.”   
Some owner-operators and drivers reported that in the time it took them to have a break at a rest area or truck stop, thieves managed to pump up to 100 gallons of fuel from their trucks’ fuel tanks, Sass said.
USA Logistics Carriers, a McAllen, Texas,-based company, recently installed the ACRAFIT anti-siphon device on all of the trucks in its fleet of 652 line-haul and day cab trucks.  Robert Long, chief financial officer for USA Logistics, said ‘The devices were installed after the company discovered that the fuel tanks on about 50 of its trucks were regularly compromised by fuel siphoning.”
‘As a result of installing the ACRAFIT devices and speed regulators, the company has experienced a 6 percent improvement in the fleet’s average fuel mileage from 6.8 mpg to 7.2 mpg,” Long added.
When fuel prices were as high as $4.50 per gallon, Long estimates that the 6 percent savings in fuel costs amounted to nearly $75,000 per month.  About a third of that savings came as a result of installing the ACRAFIT anti-siphon devices, he added.  As a result the ACRAFIT anti-siphon devices were able to pay for themselves in just three months.
‘We looked at several different anti-siphoning devices and we found that the ACRAFIT device offered us just what we needed because of its quality, durability and efficiency,” said Sergio Lagos, chief executive officer and co-owner of USA Logistics.


ACRAFIT is a licensed PACCAR brand of precision fit replacement parts including fuel tank accessories, windshields and universal exhaust products for all leading makes and models.  ACRAFIT products are sold exclusively in North America.  For more information or to find an ACRAFIT dealer visit

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