Trane Introduces Industry’s First Fully Communicating Modulating Furnace

TYLER, TEXAS (September 15, 2009) ‘ Trane is pleased to announce the launch of the only fully communicating modulating furnace in the industry, the XC95m.  The exclusive modulating technology behind the new XC95m provides today’s homeowners with the ultimate in home comfort, as the furnace modulates its heat output based on indoor conditions.  As the difference between set and indoor temperatures increases, the furnace increases its heat output to meet the load requirement of the house.  Once the load requirements decrease, the XC95m furnace lowers its heat output to meet the set temperature within the home.  It’s almost as if your furnace can read your mind, or your home’s mind, for that matter.

The unique modulating communicating technology of the XC95m prevents the system from overshooting the set temperature and almost eliminates temperature swings.  This innovative and unique technology allows the furnace to modulate from 40 percent to 100 percent of capacity, in less than 1 percent increments.

‘There’s a tremendous difference in terms of performance and comfort when it comes to modulating furnaces versus single-stage models,” said Gordon Wuthrich, vice president of marketing for Trane.  ‘A single-stage furnace is like driving in stop-and-go traffic in the city; it’s not very comfortable.  The XC95m is like cruise control on the highway; it’s smooth and comfortable; all you have to do is set it and forget it.  Since the XC95m is 100 percent variable, between 40 percent and 100 percent of capacity, you could compare it to a dimmer switch for your lights, where single-stage is like an off-and-off switch.  It’s either full capacity or nothing.”

            The XC95m communicating capability means there are only three wires between the indoor unit and the control, allowing for an easy setup and better diagnostic ability.  The 24 volt capability of the furnace allows for the XC95m to be installed with a non-communicating outdoor, zoning and single-stage or two-stage thermostat.  To top it off, the new XC95m is rated up to 95 percent Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency and most models qualify for the 2009-2010 federal tax credits for energy-efficiency.
            ‘As our dealers know, every Trane furnace is packed with high-quality components,” added Wuthrich.  ‘The new XC95m and all of our furnaces are built to be as durable and reliable as possible.  We ensure that each and every Trane furnace provides exceptional comfort even on the coldest days of the year.”

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