American Air Distributing Helps Feed the Needy


West Chester, Pa.  ‘ American Air Distributing Inc., a wholesale distributor of heating and air conditioning equipment, arranged the logistics for employees and contractor participation in this year’s Salvation Army Food Drive.


American Air Distributing Inc. donated their time and set up containers for food donations at their office and distribution center in West Chester, Pa. Twenty percent of their customers pick up supplies on site and could donate a can of food to the containers. For the 80 percent of customers who have their supplies delivered, a service of American Air Distributing, the company promised to deliver a container for the food drive to the contractors’ locations and pick it up for delivery to The Salvation Army.


‘All that contractors have to do is promote or ask customers, co-workers or other contractors to participate with a can for the food drive. We would take responsibility for everything else,” said Tom Frank, sales manager.


“The food drive held particular appeal for us. With a food drive, the ‘gift’ was tangible. We and our contractors could rest assured that someone would actually eat meals from the items we collect.”


The idea was to manage the logistics to make community involvement easier for their contractors. By working together, American Air Distributing and their contractors have given meals to hungry communities through their efforts.


‘Our contractors can make a direct impact on the lives of those in the communities they serve,” said Frank. ‘We view this as private service, to the public, on behalf of ourselves and our contractors,” he said.


For contractors looking to get involved in their community, Frank encourages them to contact their distributor and suggest a similar model. Or for information about how to sponsor a contractor food drive, contact Tom Frank at 800-830-0853,


It’s no accident that American Air Distributing Inc. focused on the logistics of the goodwill gesture. The firm is a distributor of heating and air conditioning supplies in the Tri-State area, serving more than 30 counties. For more information, visit

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