Fujitsu Enhances Halcyon Dealer Program, Benefits

Fairfield, NJ-based Fujitsu General America has added substantially to the benefits for its growing network of Halcyon Dealers.  Fujitsu has introduced the online Dealer Toolbox for dealers to use as a management tool for their Fujitsu business. 

Dealers simply register for the site online and, once approved, a dealer can begin to earn points through product registrations, consumer feedback and completed Fujitsu trainings.  The more points earned, the higher the ranking on Fujitsu’s online contractor locator.  Dealers can set their goals high, reach top status and ultimately, may become eligible to be a part of Fujitsu’s elite Halcyon Dealer team.

Fujitsu’s Dealer Toolbox is the focal point for all dealer activity and recognition.  Sales lead management is one of the many benefits of this tool. Consumers searching online can request to have a contractor contact them, and dealers are immediately notified about their interest.  Product registration and feedback are also easily accomplished. 

A dealer’s status falls into one of three categories: 

Halcyon Dealers are ranked highest, described as highly trained and with excellent customer ratings. 
Next are the Local Contractors, having accomplished basic training with high customer ratings. 
Finally, Installers may have installed Fujitsu equipment but may have no registered customer feedback and/or have no technicians who have passed current basic training material.


To begin the registration process, log onto, enter as a contractor, click on the ‘Dealer Toolbox” and complete the sign-up form.  When a dealer is credentialed, the Dealer Toolbox becomes a valuable sales and reference tool, enabling Fujitsu dealers private access to their own online toolbox for customer registration and feedback information.     

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