U.S. Energy Group Announces the USE Multi-Well

Fresh Meadows, NY ‘ U.S. Energy Group is proud to announce the USE Multi-Well, a new, patent-pending, boiler device which houses multiple sensors using just one copper well. Traditionally, copper wells are used to house just one sensor for boilers, but as HVAC systems have become more complex, there is a greater need to use many different types of sensors simultaneously. The USE Multi-Well uses just one copper well, but instead of one sensor, it houses three. Therefore, a property manager can simultaneously have sensors for an aquastat, a thermometer and an energy management system (EMS) all inhabiting the same space. Naturally, this saves the very expensive cost of drilling extra ports in the boiler and it facilitates efficient boiler oversight. The USE Multi-Well can also be placed in side arm heaters or in any location where you need to monitor the temperature of liquids.


‘We are constantly figuring out ways to make energy management more efficient and to make it easier for owners and managers to have the accurate information they need to monitor their buildings,” stated Jerry Pindus, Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Energy Group. ‘The USE Multi-Well addresses a very specific detail of the HVAC system, and it is an important one.”


In the Multi-Well, the well that houses the sensors is copper, and a triple-wall brass fitting provides three distinct spaces for each sensor. The copper conducts the temperature of the oil or water through to the different sensors, and each presents specific information needed for monitoring and efficient oversight. For example the temperature sensor enables the property manager or super to receive a real-time display of the temperature of the fluid, while the energy management system sensor goes directly into the EMS to control the boiler efficiently. The aquastat uses the sensor information to adjust the water temperature.


‘The Multi-Well is about listening to what customers want and providing it for them,” stated Tom Scali, Vice President of Sales and Business Development. ‘Drilling extra ports for sensors costs money and requires the superintendent to check three different locations for the information. Using just one port is more convenient and saves money.”


The USE Multi-Well is available exclusively through U.S. Energy Group and its authorized agents. For inquiries and pricing, call (718) 380-1004 and ask for Tom Scali (tom@use-group.com) or Steve Guerrero (steve@use-group.com). With 30 years in the industry, the company offers personalized customer support and provides a one-year parts and labor warranty. Additional information is available at: www.use-group.com.

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