Novaflex® Silicone-Nomex® High Temperature Duct Offers Superior Flexibility

Richmond Hill, OntarioNovaflex® has combined the high-temperature resistance of silicone with the flex-fatigue (as well as high-temp) resistance of Nomex® to produce the ultimate hot exhaust extraction duct for use on hose reels, the MB-SN Nomex® duct.


Novaflex’s MB-SN duct is constructed from a blend of Nomex® and silicone with an encapsulated and bonded high-temperature wire and has a temperature range of -60°F to +500°F (600°F intermittent).  Novaflex®, known for their ability to offer custom-made solutions, offers the MB-SN Silicone-Nomex® duct in three versions;


a)   2-ply reinforced silicone-Nomex® – Combines the high temperature resistance of silicone and superior flex fatigue resistance of Nomex®, with an encapsulated reinforcement. It is ideal for use in constant flexing applications or with hose reels.

b)   2-ply reinforced silicone-Nomex® with black profile wear-strip – The most robust silicone duct available on the market. Combining silicone’s high temperature resistance with the flex fatigue resistance of Nomex® and a heavy duty wear-strip, this duct is designed for performance.

c)   2-ply reinforced silicone-Nomex® with 1-ply silicon-Nomex® wear-strip – An all around duct for high temperature applications where flexing and moderate scuffing are present.


All three versions are offered in sizes from 2″ to 24″ with a standard length of 24′ and a compression ratio of 3:1 for shipping.  Applications include high temperature air movement; general service; garage fume control involving constant flexing.


For more information about the Novaflex Group®, please call us at: (905) 731-9411 (Canada) 1-800-225-0215 (U.S.) or, or e-mail; or visit


Nomex® is a registered trademark of DuPont.



About The Novaflex Group®

The Novaflex Group ®, founded in 1977, is a privately owned manufacturing company with one of the broadest product ranges available in the marketplace. The mission of The NovaFlex Group® is to be a market leader through excellence in product innovation and design.

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