MiX telematics releases top FOUR business practices to improve fleet vehicle operations in 2010


DALLAS ‘ Jan. 26, 2010MiX Telematics, the foremost global provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, and its division SafeDrive International (SDI), announced today the top four business practices to help improve driver behavior.  The solutions will help companies across North America improve the efficiency of their fleet management operations in 2010 in addition to five trends that will most impact fleet operations this year.


“2009 was one of the most financially challenging years for companies that operate commercial vehicles,” said Brian McCoy, vice president of sales and marketing at MiX Telematics North America.  “Beyond the overall reduction in consumer spending, businesses operating commercial vehicles were also hit with increased fuel prices.  MiX, along with SafeDrive International, identified four key business practices that can help companies improve their fleet operations with vehicle tracking and Driver Behavior Modification (DBM) solutions.”


The top four business practices, also called DBM solutions, that should be implemented by companies with fleet vehicle operations in 2010 include:


1. Driver and Vehicle Performance Monitoring ‘ Through web-based tracking of driver behaviors, (i.e. acceleration, braking, idling, etc.), companies can reduce unsafe driving habits and increase fuel efficiency.  Managing this information through Performance Monitoring will benefit a company by reducing crashes and saving on liability costs as well as unnecessary fuel consumption. 


2. Electronic Hours of Service ‘ With an on-board, Internet-based solution that replaces DOT paper logs and complies with all U.S. and Canadian regulations, companies can improve internal auditing processes and minimize the administrative labor costs and time associated with driver data errors.


3. Automated IFTA Reporting ‘ Through a fully automated, patented state line algorithm that precisely calculates interstate miles, companies can eliminate the use of manual trip sheets.


4. Comprehensive Driver Training – With new health and safety legislation, such as CSA 2010 and the new DOT Motorcoach Safety Action Plan, companies can receive customized driver training, which targets driver health and safety issues that are defined with IVMS technology.


MiX Telematics also identified five trends that will most likely have the greatest impact on fleet management in 2010.  According to Charles Tasker, Managing Director of MiX Telematics International, these trends include:


1. Carbon Emissions Reduction ‘ A reduction of US emissions by 17 percent by 2020 has climate legislation looming over US companies.  While the US Senate has not agreed on its own version of an energy bill, the US House of Representatives has already passed legislation that focuses on curbing greenhouse gases and renewable energy.







2. Anywhere, Mobile Access ‘ The consumer market has seen an increased push on “go anywhere, do anything” mobile applications with new iPhone, Blackberry and Android technology.  The same technology will begin to be more specifically tailored for mobile fleet management and data tracking solutions.


3. Location-based Services (LBS) and Personal Tracking ‘ The general consumer market has seen a rise in LBS and personal tracking technology over the past year, which will be an interesting development for the telematics industry. Through the success of LBS in the consumer market, personal tracking becomes more and more popular with end users.


4. More Affordable Technology ‘Telematics technology has not only advanced dramatically, but also become more common and affordable.  As a result, manufacturer and solutions providers will begin to see “traditional” on-board computers replaced by advanced mobile devices that can communicate with vehicles as effectively.


5. Advanced User Interface ‘More sophisticated, faster Web applications will put more control in the hands of users and will be a key differentiator between telematics services.


“2010 presents many exciting new opportunities for growth for companies with fleet operations,” added McCoy.  ‘The sophisticated vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions already being deployed by MiX are a significant asset to companies seeking to increase their market share and stabilize the bottom line this year.  From calculating CO2 emissions to assessing and modifying health and safety issues through DBM, MiX offers a wide range of products and services that deliver critical information ranging from vehicle and driver performance to vehicle tracking and navigation.”


About MiX Telematics North America

MiX Telematics North America is a dynamic solutions company that helps U.S. and Canadian businesses overcome the toughest fleet management and vehicle tracking challenges.  From proprietary Driver Behavior Modification (DBM) solutions to real-time vehicle tracking, the company successfully implements innovative technology for a broad range of commercial applications within oil & gas, utilities and local service industries.  For more information visit www.mixtelematics.net or contact Brian McCoy at 972-641-6200 or brian.mccoy@mixtelematics.com.


About MiX Telematics

Founded in 1996, MiX Telematics is a global provider of vehicle tracking and fleet management products and services to consumers and companies of all sizes in over 75 countries on six continents.  The company’s commercial product range ‘ formerly marketed under the VDO brand and sold by Siemens VDO for 10 years ‘ helps fleet owners ensure driver and passenger safety, reduce fleet running and fuel costs, comply with selected industry regulations, and track and protect vehicles and drivers. For more information visit www.mixtelematics.com.


About SafeDrive International

SafeDrive International (SDI), a MiX Telematics subsidiary, was formed in January 2002 after professionals from the field of land transport risk management, fleet management, competency based training and assessment and behavioral psychology aligned.  Since SDI’s inception it has rapidly become a market leader in providing journey management solutions targeting the inherent risks associated with land transport operations, globally. For more information visit www.mixtelematics.ae

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