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New blood drives opportunity and innovation in any industry. Fuel Oil News created its New Vendor Awards to highlight companies that are fresh entrants in providing new products and services to our industry. These companies have seen a need and feel that they can provide fuel dealers and marketers with their version of a better ‘mousetrap.” The criterion used to identify these companies is participation as a new exhibitor at one of the major, industry focused trade shows during the year. This year, those shows were the Atlantic Regional Energy Expo and the National Association of Oil Heat Service Managers. Next year it will include the New England Fuel Institute which is bi-annual.

The Fuel Oil News New Vendor Awards will be presented in three classes, as available each year:


1. Fuel Handling and Storage. These companies provide solutions relative to the fuels and include: bulk plants; trucks, truck tanks and truck equipment; additives and filters, etc.; and home oil tanks.


2. Heating Appliances and Combustion Technologies. These companies provide boilers; furnaces; hot water heaters; solar and other alternative solutions; hydronic solutions; warm air solutions; and burners and combustion components.


3. Business Solutions. These are typically home office and operational solutions. They would include back office software vendors; accounting and other professional service providers; environmental service providers; business forms and related; and HR solutions.


The winners were selected by a panel of five judges, with a range on industry experience and perspective. This year’s panel:


Charles Bursey began working for an oil company in Jamestown, RI industry in 1963 after he was discharged from the military. He worked in service management for a number of companies. He currently works for industry manufacturer F.W. Webb, Warwick, R.I., and serves as a Fuel Oil News service columnist.


Howard Peterson, Jr. worked in the family business most of his life, but after his graduation from Rensselaer in 1972, began his career in earnest. He has worked in many capacities over the years, and is currently the president of the company.


John Griffin has been involved in the oil industry since 1970.  His positions ranged from oil delivery driver, service technician, service manager, instructor, and columnist.  He was president of his local chapter of NAOHSM until being elected vice president of the National Executive Board.  ‘After forty years in the industry many things have changed, but service to our customers remain constant.”

Stefen Strakos owner and CEO of Shaw Fuel Oil + Kero Inc., Shaw Propane Inc., Shaw Terminal Inc., Shaw Truck Repair Inc. and Shaw Pool Water. Strakos started in 1981 with Shaw Fuel and Rose up through the ranks to owner and CEO. Strakos notes that the company founder, Robert Shaw, made Shaw Enterprises what it is today. Robert Shaw is 86 yrs young.


Donald R. Welcomer is the convention and education director for the Pennsylvania Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association is a not-for-profit trade association representing independent petroleum marketers at both the wholesale and retail levels and firms supplying petroleum products as well as other related services.


Obviously, there will be a lot of ‘apples to oranges” comparisons between the different solution providers being highlighted. Therefore, the judges were asked to make their rankings based on how much general interest each company description generated. For example, did the company seem to address an underserved need? How important is the service or product offering? If you had read the description in a trade show directory would you be more inclined to make a special effort to stop by the company’s booth?


And now, on to the Awards.



Fuel Handling and Storage



ENERTRAC ‘ New at AREE and NAOHSM                                                                 

EnerTrac designs and manufactures the world’s best residential and commercial fuel, oil, and propane tank monitoring products. They are the best because they were specifically designed by fuel dealers for fuel dealers, so you can be confident that they will maximize your operational efficiency and improve your bottom line.

BigDrops is the most affordable tank monitoring system on the market, and best of all: NO UP FRONT COST. You only pay a small monthly fee and you will know exactly how much fuel is in each tank to run your operation efficiently. You already have and are using the required software: That’s correct, with BigDrops, you do not have to change the way your business is run in order to get improved operational efficiencies. BigDrops is already built into your Back Office Software and works in harmony with Degree Day so you get the best of both. Just install the monitors and watch your operation become more efficient.


Pat Mansfield, GP, Business Development

94 River Road

Hudson , NH 03051

Phone: 603-880-8484

Fax: 603-880-8480

E-mail: Info@enertrac.com

Web: www.enertrac.com/index.html



On August 1st, 2009, we became one of the first oil companies in the United States to provide our customers with 100 percent North American made fuel’drilled, refined, and sold exclusively in North America. We will no longer purchase oil from unfriendly foreign nations.

In addition to this commitment, every gallon of our heating oil contains 5 percent soy oil, a renewable American farm product. This achievement took nearly a year of legal work and negotiations between refiners, pipeline shippers and other marketers to develop the paper trail and audit process necessary to make this program viable within the oil and propane supply chain.

We are immensely proud of this accomplishment and want to assure you, from this point forward, your heating oil and propane purchases will benefit the American economy, American jobs, and the security and prosperity of our great Nation. Not only are we deeply honored to include our customers in this commitment, but we urge other energy companies to do the same. Because, for our people, our country, and our energy independence, it’s simply the right thing to do.


Steve McCracken

55 Doe Run Road

Manheim, PA 17545

Toll-Free: 888-423-8357

Phone: 717-665-1402

Fax: 717-665-1403

E-mail: staff@amerigreen.com

Web: www.amerigreen.com



A division of R.H.White Construction Co., Inc., ECUC specializes in design, planning and installation for underground utilities, propane facilities and propane metering and calibration. For well over three decades, ECUC’s reliable, quality workmanship and service have built a legacy of customer loyalty and new contract opportunities.

ECUC offers a full range of services to our Propane Division customers throughout the Northeast.

We assist from start to finish offering any/all of the following services: facilities Inspection; consultation; fire safety analysis; estimating costs; design/engineering; project management; layout; construction; permits/approvals assistance; initial planning; personnel training; start-up; 2011 compliance upgrades; liquid meter (install/repair); bobtail v & k proving/calibration/repair; and bobtail repair and hydrostatic testing; (on-site, New England states). 

East Coast Utilities Construction

Charlie Zino, Supervisor,Propane Group

PO Box 89

Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Phone: 908-637-8500

Fax: 908-637-8512

Web: www.ecuc.com


GREEN ARROW BRANDS LLC ‘ New at AREE                                            

Green Arrow Brands markets science. GAB has two families of technologies: greeners and cleaners. Our greeners crush emissions that petroleum fuels generate, by as much as 50%. Microbial cleaners eat odors and residues from petroleum releases and operational vapors.

JustGreen, a fuel oil greener that crushes emissions by as much as 50%, is for families and businesses that want to be responsible. JustGreen can be added to tanks by hand, or by metering unit (available with a contract from Green Arrow).

DoubleGreen HO greener targets bid business where fuel savings could influence the contract’s award. It crushes emissions AND reduces fuel consumption up to 22%, a feature vital to retailers who are in close competition.

GreenAir spray cleans oil odors in basements and work spaces in a flash. GreenSurface, eliminates petroleum residues around filler pipes, in basements and on worker clothes. GreenSpill remediates large releases and is available in liquid or dry form, so it can work on soils or on water.

GreenArrow offers a toolkit of remedies for massive oil spills on the surface, underwater and in tidal areas called GreenSpill Sea Suite. Retailers with marine businesses love this tool kit. Green Arrow. We sell science the industry can use.

Green Arrow Brands, LLC

James Devine, Frank Lawrence

PO Box 34, Dumont, N.J. 07628

Phone: 551-497-4443 x801

E-mail: info@greenarrowbrands.com

Web: www.greenarrowbrands.com



Les Tourbes Nirom Peat Moss Inc. is known for its “can do” approach

in today’s ever changing market. NatureSorb is a revolutionary, state-of-the-art oil and hydrocarbon absorbent made from the highest grade of sphagnum peat moss. Although very lightweight and easy to handle, NatureSorb absorbs oil at a superior rate of approximately one pound of product per gallon, using a ‘wicking” action best described as a magnetic-like attraction that pulls or draws the oil or hydrocarbon into the empty cells until there are no void areas remaining.

The high-grade raw material is significantly different from the garden variety peat commonly available in lawn and garden outlets. NatureSorb raw material is primarily the leafy, stem-free, and least abundant part of the peat, harvested from selected peat bogs in its natural, partially biodegraded state.

NatureSorb is a 100% organic material and is also non-carcinogenic. It has extremely low abrasion characteristics, rating a hardness factor of less than 1.0 on the Morh’s Hardness Scale (by comparison, steel has a factor of 5.0-6.0, clay has a 7.0 or higher).

Les Tourbes Nirom Peat Moss Inc.

Rudel Rioux/Bernard Dionne

P.O. Box 565

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