GDIESEL® Designated Alt Fuel By Nevada




RENO, Nev. ‘ August 25, 2010 ‘ Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC, (ARC) a privately held developer and manufacturer of proprietary cleaner burning motor and industrial fuels, announced that its inaugural product, GDiesel®, has been designated by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) as an alternative fuel in Nevada’s Alternative Fueled Vehicles in Fleets program.

GDiesel®, which combines conventional ultra-low sulfur diesel with natural gas, is developed through ARC’s proprietary process called ClearRefining®GDiesel® contains extremely low sulfur and mineral contaminants and requires no modifications to engines or vehicles for use.

‘This designation from the NDEP allows government fleet operators in Nevada to consider GDiesel® as part of their fuel strategy,” said Peter Gunnerman, co-founder and director of Advanced Refining Concepts.  ‘Receiving alternative fuel status is an important development for our company, potentially opening new and large markets for GDiesel®. Part of our mission has always been to produce a fuel product with cleaner emissions and more efficient combustion; this designation recognizes our efforts.”


GDiesel® is currently being sold through five local and regional Nevada distributors, including Golden Gate Petroleum, one of the largest fuel distributors in Northern Nevada and Northern California.


ARC recently began the start-up phase at its Peru Heights refinery, which will produce up to 100,000 gallons of GDiesel® per day when fully operational. The site is on 10 acres owned by the company at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, located 10 miles east of Reno, Nev.


About Advanced Refining Concepts, LLC

Advanced Refining Concepts (ARC) develops and manufactures fuels that produce cleaner emissions and more efficient combustion.  ARC’s products are manufactured using the company’s proprietary ClearRefining® process, a pollution-free, single-step method for combining natural gas, or other biogases, with a petroleum base to achieve a higher quantity and quality of clean liquid motor and industrial fuels.  The company’s products, GDiesel®, GPetrol

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