Baltimore, MD (May 16, 2011) ‘ Roadnet Technologies Inc., the Baltimore-based fleet management technology company acquired by private equity firm Thoma Bravo LLC in late 2010, has announced the launch of its new brand platform and corporate identity package to support its overall repositioning strategy. Upon its purchase from UPS (NYSE:UPS) this past December, the firm was immediately renamed from UPS Logistics Technologies. 

Roadnet Technologies Inc., founded in 1983, provides fleet management solutions for more than 200,000 vehicles through 3,400 installations worldwide, working in diverse industries including foodservice, beverage, waste management, textile, energy and distribution logistics. Specific fleet management applications provide strategic territory and street-level route plans, real-time wireless dispatch, vehicle telematics and global positioning systems (GPS). Roadnet Technologies solutions are utilized to improve operational efficiency and driver productivity, saving customers approximately 186 million gallons of fuel every year. More than 160 employees work for the company, including 135 in Baltimore.  

The brand platform is centered around Roadnet Technologies new corporate tagline ‘How to Deliver,” that encapsulates the company’s core strengths and ability to provide customized transportation solutions for companies that depend on its fleets and mobile resources to achieve profitability and accountability on a daily basis. This new repositioning strategy will be systematically introduced to Roadnet Technologies customers, prospects, vendor groups, employees and other company stakeholders through a series of tactics including, email communication, advertising programs, web-based initiatives, social media vehicles and a new micro-website This website includes video messages from CEO Len Kennedy and several other Roadnet employees.


‘For nearly 30 years, we have been recognized for our ability to consistently develop products and services that provide tangible benefits for our growing list of customers in an assortment of diverse industries,” explained Len Kennedy, chief executive officer of Roadnet Technologies. ‘The timing of our acquisition created the ideal opportunity to invest time to repackage and reposition the company so our target audiences can more effectively understand our complete suite of fleet management solutions. Our new tagline ‘How to Deliver” effectively summarizes our corporate approach and touches every aspect of the company by providing more service and solutions to customers through every department within the organization,” he added.   

An important part of the Roadnet Technologies brand platform includes the four pillars of Operational Intelligence; Business Profitability, Employee Productivity, Resource Efficiency and Operational Safety. The company addresses each of these subset deliverables by executing services that, among others, solve unique transportation management problems; provide products that achieve real-time tracking and clear performance objectives; reduce fuel expenses by eliminating idling; monitor vehicle maintenance and evaluate driver behavior in real-time.

The new corporate logo is reminiscent of a complex interstate cloverleaf and was designed to illustrate this as well as the strong institutional infrastructure of Roadnet Technologies. ‘If you look at our logo it’s simple, yet complex; it represents just what we do here at Roadnet Technologies. We solve very complex transportation problems, in a simple manner,” Len Kennedy stated.

 ‘Our new strategic partner, Thoma Bravo, provides us with a complementary array of resources, strategic direction and guidance that will enable us to build upon our success in the short and long-term,” Kennedy added, ‘with the pursuit of new acquisition opportunities as a vital component of this strategy. It was critical to develop this new brand platform that provides a clear sense of what makes Roadnet Technologies different from our competitors and how we approach and solve complex transportation challenges in an innovative manner,” he added.

 The company intends to embark on an educational effort targeting the various industries it services, current clients and prospective customers to portray its new brand platform. ‘Roadnet Technologies has the products, the systems and the people in place to attract a more significant share of the fleet management industry,” Kennedy explained. ‘We have a strong track record of success in helping our customers achieve transportation savings, and a clear and refined roadmap on how to attract more business.” 

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