Testo 176 Data Logger Series Provides Advanced Features and Durability



(Sparta, NJ September, 2011) ‘Testo Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of the 176 data logger series in order to meet a variety of different temperature, humidity and pressure data logging needs.


The seven different data loggers that make up the 176 data logger series are highly accurate and depending on the model selected can manage up to five channels for pressure, temperature and humidity, making this series the perfect choice for laboratories, clean rooms, and hospital control areas. The testo 176 T1 is a one-channel temperature logger that is built for tough environments. It can provide highly accurate temperature measurements in extreme conditions and its robust metal housing protects the data logger from dirt, impact and moisture. The testo 176 T2 is a two-channel temperature logger with an external sensor, allowing for temperature monitoring in refrigeration chambers. The testo 176 T3 data logger jumps to managing four channels of temperature data with a tough metal housing and comes with external thermocouple connections. The 176 T4 is a four-channel temperature data logger that can provide parallel temperature measurement readings at up to four different sites using thermocouple probes (Type T, K, and J). 

The testo 176 H1 and testo 176 H2 are both four-channel temperature and humidity data loggers with external sensors. The H1 has an easy-to-read display right at the unit, while the H2 is protected by a metal housing, making it perfect for more rugged locations.


The top-of-the-line in the series is the testo 176 P1 data logger. The P1 is a five-channel pressure, temperature and humidity data logger with both internal and external sensors and a clear, easy-to-read display right at the unit that can store up to two million measurement values.


‘The expanded 176 series of data loggers from testo are durable enough to stand up to harsh conditions in cold storage and accurate enough they are perfect for hospital environments,” according to national sales manager, John Bickers. ‘This series can help meet any company meet their data logging needs while staying within budget.”



Testo, Inc. develops and manufacturers handheld test and measurement instrumentation for HVAC/R, Emission Monitoring, Food, Pharmaceuticals and many other applications. 

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