Polar Introduces Industry’s Most Advanced MC-331 Tank Trailer

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (Dec. 14, 2012)’Polar Corporation today introduced its first trailer for the North American propane industry, the Polar NexGen MC-331 highway transport.

Designed for durability and low lifecycle costs, the Polar NexGen MC-331 is the first highway transport with a powder-coated barrel, delivering up to three times the life of traditional paint. It limits nicks to the point of impact and in most cases will eliminate the need to refurbish and repaint the barrel every three to five years.

The Polar NexGen MC-331 trailer has all-stainless piping and aluminum or stainless decking and fenders for further corrosion protection. It is also equipped with all-welded liquid piping, Blackmer or Corken product pumps, Marshall Excelsior valves, and BASE Engineering radio remote shutdown systems. Fender and decking construction is modular for easy service and lower repair costs.

The Polar NexGen MC-331 was developed collaboratively, leveraging engineering resources across Polar and JARCO, the industry’s leading producer of propane bobtails with a 53-year history in the propane vehicle market. Polar acquired JARCO in 2010.

‘This trailer builds on the success of the NexGen propane bobtail introduced by Polar earlier this year,” said Ted Fick, president and CEO of Polar Corporation. ‘It extends the benefits of the NexGen bobtail to over-the-road propane transporters.”

Fick explained that as North America’s largest manufacturer of trailers for dry and liquid bulk freight, Polar can offer fleets a wider variety of suspensions, axles, rollover protection, and central tire inflation systems, as well as custom engineering options.

The Polar NexGen MC-331 highway transport trailer is available through Polar Tank Trailer, authorized independent dealers, and Polar Service Centers, a national network of more than 30 locations offering trailer parts, service, and sales. It is assembled in Salem, Ill.

About Polar Corporation

Polar Corporation consists of three companies, all leaders in their respective markets. Polar Tank Trailer is North America’s largest producer of dry and liquid bulk tank trailers; Polar Service Centers is a national parts, service, and sales network for all makes of heavy-duty vehicles and commercial tanks; and Quality Trailer Products manufactures and sells parts and components for the light-duty trailer industry. For more information, visit polartank.com.


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